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 Scammers 101

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PostSubject: Scammers 101   Scammers 101 Icon_minitimeSat Sep 29, 2012 10:50 am

Hi everyone,

This is a simple guide that I hope will help players effectively identify scams of any sort in Dragon Nest SEA. Aside from identifying some key aspects on defending youself from scams/cons, I will also share some common scenarios for reference.

*Before I go any further please take note of the following:
Inb4 TL:DR (for those who think this is too long to read) just read the stuff that are bold and has yellow highlight
If you think you are already PRO and/or feel that you are in no danger of being outsmarted by scammers, then feel free to skip this.
I will only be covering scams/cons and some examples account hacks due to leak of login information
I will not be able to cover in-game bugs because that is a totally different topic.
Any scenario/most of the content mentioned below might have already been posted on the abuse report section of the forums ( so I do not take any credits for sharing those scenarios


Let's face it, it can't be helped. There will always be a percentage of players that are willing to cross some lines in order to steal in-game currency/items, and this exists on any MMO-RPG and DN SEA is not an exception. So the next best thing we as players can do is be vigilant/detect/avoid these other players that tend to scam us.

So how do we do that exacty? IMO there are only a few basic concepts in which scamming revolves around and they are namely the following:

I. Never give anything for free

Okay, now some of you who's reading this might say, 'wtf?! I'm not that stupid'. But the thing is, scammers usually use scenarios in which you are compelled to give your end of the bargain first, before he gives his end of the bargain. Which in the end, if the bargain you made was indeed a scam, you essentially gave your end of the bargain for free.

Common Scenarios:
  • 'Need to borrow 300 gold, i'll pay you back 400 later' (this might be obvious but some players might be young/naive enough to fall for this)

  • 'I'll trade you 10k CC for 1.2k G, i'll PM you the PIN number after you pay me' (plus trading CC directly to gold is illegal) ~Plus DNP (almost as good as CC) can now be bought using the Trading House.

  • 'Trading my gold here in Holywood to your gold in Westwood' (plus any trade of gold this way is also illegal)

  • 'The item you are looking for is in my other character, pay me on this character and I will login my other character to give you the item'

  • 'Can I borrow some rough agates, I need to upgrade my weapon' (Will most probably say this to tons of people and sell it afterwards) this is stupid but it might happen.

  • 'Trading my SKILL RESET CUPON CODE FOR 900 G/ SELLING 30 SLOT BAGS FOR 650 G' (AS matter of fact, any scenario where CC items are being sold outside of the trading house should be avoided at all cost) - As a matter of fact, given the DNP system, CC items such as Trading House Premiums, Costumes and inventory/storage slot extenders can now be purchased using DNP which in turn can be purchased via TH (as DNP cupons). So there's really no sense trading CC items outside TH.

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]

  • 'S>something, but need seal for it so you provide the seal' (Will ask for gold from you to buy seal for the item you are buying from him and will probably leave you after gold is taken)

Bottom line, In all instances, trading should be done with instantaneous payment and as much as possible thru the TRADING HOUSE

Edit: Pro tip: If you don't have trading house premium and are already at trading limit for the week 0/30, use a secondary character (Send the items via mail (We have 5 per day) or pass thru a friend then to your secondary character or if have another pc to use, create another account and pass it there for selling)

Credits go to iAvias for making the original post in Dragon nest SEA forum.

[Only admins are allowed to see this link]
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Scammers 101
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